Newsletters and Club Updates

January 14, 2017
1st Annual Member Meeting
Meeting was held at Cracker Barrel in Tyler TX .
Meeting began at 3pm and went as follows:

From 3pm to 3:35 pm
Members were supplied with copies of East Texas miniature horse club bylaws. They were allowed to look over and suggest any changes. Members were allowed to vote on ETMHC Bylaws. ( Bylaws were approved)

From 3:35pm to 4pm
Members were provided with membership forms for ETMHC. Members were allowed to fill out membership forms and pay dues.

From 4pm to 4:15pm
Discussion on Election process for Board members for ETMHC.

From 4:20pm to 4:20pm
Election of Board members was held It went as follows:
President of ETMHC : Megan Hobbs
Vice President of ETMHC: Michael Greathouse
Secretary/ Treasurer of ETMHC: Megan Moats

From 4:20pm to 4:25pm
Burt from the lufkin expo center went over the possibility of ETMHC using the facilities for shows. He went on further to explain all of the accommodations that they would be able to supply to ETMHC. If The club should decide to use them for events.

From 4:25pm to 4:30pm
Members voted on the use of The lufkin expo center for 2 day events as well as weekend events. And was approved for Lufkin to be used for said events.

From 4:30pm to 4:35pm
Discussion on approval of a show manager for such events
All approved Ruby Piore for show manager of Amha and Amhr shows held by the ETMHC.

From 4:35pm to 4:50pm
Discussion of show planned for 2017 and 2018

2017 Shows
March 11th
Spring Performance and Fun Open Show Held at Monks Arena in Grand Saline TX 1144 VZCR 1806
Show manager is to be: Megan Hobbs
Clinicians will be : Daniel Crider, Brooke Glosser, Michael Greathouse,  and James Rutledge 
Judge: James Rutledge
Summer Fun show discussed
November 18th & 19th
(Texas Gobbler) Fall Clinic and Open Show. To be held in Lufkin at the lufkin expo center. Show manager is to be : Megan Hobbs Clinicians :coming soon
Judges: coming soon

2018 Shows
March 31st & April 1
Spring Clinic and Show
Show Manager: Meagan Hobbs
Clinicians coming soon
May 18th (fir,sat,sun) to be held at the lufkin expo center Show manager :Ruby Piore
Member voted and it was approved.
Judges: coming soon
Summer show, Fall rated show and fall clinic and show discussed. 

From 5pm to 5:15pm
Discussion on prizes that will be awarded at Spring Open Show March 11th 2017 Prizes for Youth will be placement ribbons.
Prizes for Adults will be Cash prizes.

From 5:15pm to 5:20pm
Floor was opened for discussion of Therapy work
There is a Pet partners Workshop and evaluations in the works and more info will be provided as things progress.

At 5:20pm the First Official Board meeting of ETMHC was augured.
Event details developing please check event page for updates. 
February 2017 Newsletter

It has been a busy first month here at ETMHC. We have lots of events for 2017 scheduled and hope that everyone will be able to enjoy all of our events. We have conjured up a new year end awards points system, not based on show results but a matter of participation. Points count toward a member once a member is current, and owners of a horse must be members for a horse to be considered horse of the year.

Year End Awards

Youth Member of the Year
Must be under the age of 18 by January 1 of the exhibiting year
Points start as soon as membership is accepted
Who ever has the most points at the end of the year will earn the reward
Points are earned January 1-December 31, of the same year, then start over the next year.

3 points for every class entered in a show (regardless of class result)
10 points for volunteering at a show or event
30 points for attending a therapy workshop

10 points for doing therapy work (submit a therapy story along with the hours and location of each therapy visit to the club to receive points)
20 points for attending/participating in a club clinic

Adult Member of the Year
Must be 18 of age or older by January 1 of the exhibiting year
Points start as soon as membership is accepted
Who ever has the most points at the end of the year will earn the reward
Points are earned January 1-December 31, of the same year, then start over the next year.

3 points for every class entered in a show (regardless of class result)
10 points for volunteering at a show or event
30 points for attending a therapy workshop
10 points for doing therapy work (submit a therapy story along with the hours and location of each therapy visit to the club to receive points)
20 points for attending/participating in a club clinic

Horse of the Year:
Any horse may be considered as long as the owner and exhibitor are members
Points start as soon as membership is accepted
Who ever has the most points at the end of the year will earn the reward
Points are earned January 1-December 31, of the same year, then start over the next year.

3 points for every class entered in a show (regardless of class result)
10 points for doing therapy work (submit a therapy story along with the hours and location of each therapy visit to the club to receive points)
30 points for participating in a therapy workshop
15 points for participating in a club clinic

Trainer of the Year:
Must have a professional training center
Must have clients
Be willing to help others clients or not
Have winning horses
Willing to help with club events
Member must nominate trainer, trainer can not nominate themselves
Members vote on winner

Events coming up!
Spring Clinic and Open Show
​When: March 11, 2017
Where: Monk's Arena 
1144 VZCR 1806 Grand Saline, TX, 75140
Starting at 8:30 am
For both adults and youth. 
$75 for the clinic
$70 for the clinic for club members

$25 for each class in the show
$20 for each class in show for club members

$150 for both (unlimited classes per horse/handler)
$135 for both (unlimited classes per horse/handler for club members)

Clinic topics: 

Show Classes:
Youth Jumper for height
Adult Jumper for height
Youth Halter Obstacle
Adult Halter Obstacle
Youth Driving Obstacle
Adult Driving Obstacle
Youth Country Pleasrue Driving 
Adult Country Pleasure Driving
Youth Western Country Pleasure Driving
Adult Western Country Pleasure Driving

"Too Hot to Trot" Summer Show

June 17th, 2017
At Broken Heart Ranch
3120 FM 1995
Van, TX 75790

Class List: Starting at 9:00am
1. Adult Halter Senior Stallions (3years & up)
2. Adult Halter Junior Stallions (2years and under)
3. Youth Halter Geldings 
4. PeeWee Halter Geldings
5. Open Halter Senior Geldings (3years & up)
6. Open Halter Junior Geldings (2 years and under)
7. Youth Halter Mares
8. PeeWee Halter Mares
9. Open Halter Senior Mares (3years and up)
10. Open Halter Junior Mares (2years and under)
11. Youth Jumper
12. PeeWee Jumper
13. Open Jumper
14. Youth Hunter
15. PeeWee Hunter
16. Open Hunter
17. Youth Country Pleasure Driving
18. PeeWee Country Pleasure Driving (adult must accompany youth driver)
19. Open Country Pleasure Driving
20. Youth Western Country Pleasure Driving
21. PeeWee Western Country Pleasure Driving (adult must accompany youth driver)
22. Open Western Country Pleasure Driving
23. Youth Driving Obstacle
24. PeeWee Driving Obstacle 
25. Open Driving Obstacle
26. Youth Halter Obstacle
27. PeeWee Halter Obstacle 
28. Open Halter Obstacle
29. Youth Showmanship
30. PeeWee Showmanship
31. Open Showmanship

Adult = 18 years and older
Youth=6-17 years old
PeeWee=5 years and under
Open=anyone can enter
Stallions handler must be 13 years and older.

Open/Adult Classes: $25 per /$20 for members
Youth Classes: $15 per /$10 for members
PeeWee Classes: $5 per /Free for members

Location: Broken Heart Ranch 

Food Wagon available onsite
RV hook-ups are $30 available at 30amp and 50amp, only 12 available, must include on entry to reserve RV spot. 
Stalls available at $35 but only 1 horse per stall, price includes 1 bag of shavings. 

Early Entry Deadline June 3, 2017 

Awards will be announced and given after the show in the banquet room. Youth will receive ribbons and adult/open classes will be cash rewards based on number of entries.

Summer Therapy Workshop

July 15-16, 2017

George H Henderson Jr. Expo Center
1200 Ellen Trout Drive, Lufkin, TX 75904

Clinician: Kate Bashor

This workshop will be both hands on learning and seminar for all aspects of miniature horse therapy. Kate Bashor will be the main clinician with other speakers from the miniature horse therapy profession. We will have vendors.

All horses are to be required to check-in before they are unloaded, all horses must have proper travel papers. Coggins are required for in state horses, coggins and health papers are required for out-of-state horses.

Horses may be stalled 2 per stall, but stallions are required to be stalled alone.

Youth are welcome to join us, but we do ask that they be able to control their horses and be able to complete the entire program.

For year-end awards this workshop will count for 30 points for both the member and horse, if a club member.

For those not accustomed to July in Texas, it is extremely hot. Make sure all horses and people are well hydrated and have access to water and a breeze. The expo arena will have the fans on and all stalls have access to electrical outlets for fans. We do ask that people be modestly dressed.

For any questions or further information please email us at [email protected]

1 Entry per horse/handler, example: Jane Doe and Pumpkin, $200. This includes the booklet, which each team can take home, and the entire weekend’s program. Each handler will receive a booklet, and we ask that everyone bring a study notebook and writing utensils.

Stalls are rented by the weekend with a check-in day of Friday and checkout on Sunday for $50 per stall, shavings are $9 a bag, no outside bedding is allowed. Stalls may be rented for tack, feed and/or for horses. RV hook ups are $80 for the weekend.

A handler may bring an extra horse for the workshop at $50 per extra horse. For example: Jane Doe with Pumpkin and Sugar = $250

All premiums are available on the website under the events page. The most upcoming events are on Facebook and please share with your friends. We are also looking for Sponsors of all sizes, please spread the word, Meagan and Megan can arrange for a meeting with owners and managers to go over details and options for our sponsor opportunities should an owner or manager request. We have a few sponsors now, but are needing more. We will be building jumps soon our of PVC pipe and for the first show request volunteers to bring obstacles, pre-organized of course so some don’t bring the same obstacle. We can then build some obstacles.

To all our breeders, breeding and foaling season is in full swing and we wish all of you the best of luck and hopes that mares deliver safely, babies born healthy, and that this season works the way you want it to.

If anyone has any questions please Email or send a Facebook message to us.

Have a wonderful day!

Meagan Hobbs
President of ETMHC
March Newsletter

We had a great first event! We had exhibitors of all types from experienced to newbies. We had both registered show horses and non-registered green horses. All of our attendies got alot out of the clinic and were had a lot of fun with the show. We look forward to more events. 

Our next open show is in June in Van. Rv spots and stalls available. We need advance notice if you need to reserve a stall and/or RV spot. Van is also almost done building a new hotel right across the highway. Premium and Entry form available on the events page. 

We are still hunting sponsors both business and farms. 

We look forward to see everyone plus some new people in June! 

Meagan Hobbs
June Newsletter 

Dear Members, 

We had our little Summer fun show yesterday, June 17th. We had a small turnout, but we had a fun and even a little mini clinic before and after classes. It was full 3 hours of competition and learning. 

A few things, the therapy expo we had scheduled for July has been cancelled. We needed 50 entries to cover costs, but we only had a few. With several people putting up their own money on flights and comeing from all over just to speak, I didn't feel comfortable not knowing if we were even going to be able to have it and have all these people out of money. We may be able to try again in a couple of years when the club has more cash reserves and not relying solely on entries. 

​Our next event will be in October as our fun fall show. It will be before Spook for those of us who show at the AMHR/ASPC show in Glen Rose. This show may be in Tyler along with a little halloween fun. 

We will have a Christmas Party in December. We will have our year end meeting, year end awards, and a little Christmas fun. 

If you would like to add a class to our fun shows, please email us or PM on Facebook. 


Meagan Hobbs

July Newsletter

Dear Members, 

Our show in June was small, but fun! We have a fall fun show coming in October on the 21st in Greenville, info is on the event page of the website and Facebook page.

We have many members going to the Championship shows for both AMHA and AMHR  and we wish you all the best of luck and safe travels. 

We will be having a Christmas party/meeting/year-end awards in December, details coming soon. 

We are considering adding miniature horse pinto shows to our AMHA & AMHR shows, if you have an opinion on the matter please email us. 


November Newsletter

Dear Members,

We have had a good first year, our fall show was fun small but fun. The facility in Greenville was exactly the size we needed and very affordable, probably going to be holding more events there. We had some fun costumes and some firsts for some of our members. 

We would like to invite you all to our end of the year party/award/meeting Saturday December 16th, please see our event page for details. Come join us for our year end party/meeting/awards. Each family is responsible for paying their own meals. If you want to play in our Christmas gift exchange bring a wrapped gift, it doesn't have to be horse related. We will be giving our members a recap of our year and what lies ahead. Awarding our high point members, and offering 2018 memberships. 
If anyone has anything they want to discuss, please let us know before the meeting so we make sure and cover it.

I personally want to thank each and every one of our members, as y'all have helped make my dreams a reality. I want to make a difference, I want to better the industry as a whole. Thank you everyone for making a difference. 

Your President,
Meagan Hobbs

December 2017 Newsletter

Our December Newsletter is full of some wonderful news.

Financially we are still in the black as the club is 100% supporting itself through memberships, entries, and sponsors. We do however need to raise about $3,000 before Feb 1st so that we can kick off our 2018 event year. We currently are seeking sponsors and doing an online auction fundraiser. 

We voted on the amount of cash back for the shows that will be put on and have a system in place to help calculate winnings. 10% per judge of the entries will be awarded back to the winner of the class so the more who enter the bigger the award. Youth will have a physical award like a ribbon or something. 

Our Year End Awards: 
Youth Member of the Year: McKenna White
Adult Member of the Year: Eva Walthall CF
Trainer of the Year: Beverly Donawho
Horse of the Year: PR San Juan Condado Mystique "Misty"

We are getting excited as the premium for our first AMHR/AMHA show will be out shortly and we can get underway. We all decided since we can't guarantee the weather as it is Texas to do head and throat latch clips. We are prepared either way, and hopes that y'all can all join us. 
Next fall we will plan to do a driving weekend at the Alert Academy. They have well cared trails that we can spend some time on. No competition just fun fellowship with our friends. 

We are taking 2018 memberships so if you need to renew please email us or mail in your application. 

Updates on the February show coming soon. 

Thank you all for a great 2017 year! 
Meagan Hobbs
President of ETMHC

February Newsletter

Dear Members, 

We had an emergancy meeting via Facebook messanger to vote on awards for the club to avoid the consequences fo the hauling laws. The members voted on award coupons that can be exchanged at the prize table. 

Our February show had to  be cancelled due to lack of entries. We do want to thank those who sent entries in and who had planned to be here, but sadly it just wasn't enough. 

Our next event is the May Maddness show on May 18-19, in Lufkin Tx. This show will be an AMHR blended with Pinto show. More about this can be seen on the event page. 

We want to thank all those who have supported our club and who will continue to support it in the future. 

Thank you and good night, 

Meagan Hobbs

August 2018 

Good Morning Everyone! 

We have made some progress, both ETMHC and Arkansas Miniature Horse Society have all voted by majority to approve the show for next year. 

The basic details are: 
Date: May 30-June 2
Where: IKE Expo Arena (the outside covered arena), in West Monroe, Louisiana 
Show Manager: Ruby Piore
Associations: AMHR & ASPC (foundations and classics), and AMHA
Name of the Show: Minis on the Bayou

We are sending in show reservation dates soon, and with no other club in the area we shouldn't be on top of anyone else, and we won't be on top of the AREA V or A regionals show and we won't be during Pinto Worlds. 
The way this joint show will work, is that all pre-show costs will be divided 50/50 between ETMHC and AMHS, such as show manager supplies and arena deposit and rental. All entries will be processed through our bank, and bills for the show will be paid through our bank, then any profits from this show will be split 50/50 with us writing AMHS a check. 

We will be hosting a silent auction and 50/50 raffle both ending Saturday evening on show day. 
We will have a Sunday Sunrise Church service at 7am for those who would want to come. 

I will be working on sponsorships and donations over the next few months. If you are willing to help with this please let me know. 

We will be having a Christmas Party this year, don't have a date or place yet, and since we didn't have any activities this year, we won't have year end awards. Probably just a small meeting and a white elephant present game. 
If anyone wants to get together for a fall trail drive let me know so I can get it organized. 

We might try to do a performance clinic next spring sometime or next summer, but that's still just an idea. To be discussed at the meeting. If y'all have ideas for the club please come to the meeting so those ideas can become actions. 

Thank you all for your support. 
Meagan Hobbs

Good Evening Members                             December 1, 2018 

We had our annual meeting and Christmas Party, we had 13 in attendance and voted in the board members for the next 2 years. 

President: Meagan Hobbs
Vice President: Pat Eastridge
Secretary: Eva Walthall 

Memberships are due for 2019, if you need a form please visit our member page or email us and we will send you a new one. We are going to have some fun and exciting events this year. We are going to be planning a carriage and performace clinic, a spring trail drive/ride, and our already planned show. We hope all our members can make all these events or pitch in where they can. Thank you all who came to the meeting and we look forward to a new year! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Meagan Hobbs