What We Do



Our clinics will be offered two times a year. Clinicians will be professional trainers and judges in the show industry. Each clinic will offer an opportunity for all miniature horse enthusiasts to join in and learn more about how to show their miniature horses. 
We will offer two types of shows with this club. One is our rated association shows for registered miniature horses. These shows will be in association with American Miniature Horse Association and American Miniature Horse Registry. The other type of show we will offer is a open show that will be opened to non-registered and registered miniature horses. 


Equine Therapy

Our workshops will pretain to learning opportunities for the equine humans. These workshops will contain information about our horse friends such as farrier care, equine therapy, nutrition, general care and so on. Details will be based on event. 
We want to support our equine therapy groups of East Texas. Equine therapy/equine assisted activities is a way some of our members give back to the communities in which they live bringing joy and happiness to all those who come in contact with equine therapy teams.
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